Ladder Type Cable Trays

Cable Tray – Ladder type are ideal to install large volume of heavy duty power cables.
The Ladder type cable tray we offered are made up of ā€˜Cā€™ shaped side channel (Runner) with thickness of 1.6 to 3.0 mm (as per requirement) to provide excellent strength .
Rungs are secure to side channels by pressure contact by molding . rungs internals are designed to eliminate rolling over during cable installation and spaced 250 mm apart .
Ladder Cable tray Can be offered in hot dip galvanized finish,
Pre-Galvanized finish, Powder coating finish , Painted with alkyd / epoxy paint system and also In Aluminum-commercial grade finish.

Sizes :- Height of cable trays is varies from 25,40,50,,75,100 & 150 mm , width of cable trays is varies from 100 to 1200 mm ,thickness of cable trays ranging from 3mm,2.5mm,2mm,1.6mm,1.2mm along with their compatible accessories like Horizontal Bend , Vertical bend , Cross , Tee, Reducer etc.



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